Agility and Flyball

Agility  and Flyball Training
Sussex County Dog Training teaches agility and Flyball in group classes and also on a one to one basis. We have two local locations where our agility training takes place: The Dog Barn and Wanley’s House. Classes are 45min long and those taking part are sometimes expected to help put out equipment or put away equipment depending on what time their class is. We have two full competition standard sets of equipment to use and train on and maintain everything to a safe and good standard.
Agility and Flyball are great fun and a wonderful sports to enjoy with your dog. Agility or Flyball are both great for dogs who have already done some dog training and is excellent for increasing the handler and dog bond. It is done off lead in a safe and enclosed environment. This means that for group classes all participants must be friendly with other dogs and people, fearful and/or reactive dogs can be too stressed in this environment and would better suit one to one agility or flyball or our fearful fido's agility group.  
We run 6 week courses which are £40 for the six classes and you pay for this each term on week one or your first class.
Agility Equipment:

You will need to bring your dog wearing a flat collar with no tags on it (these can be unsafe and catch on the equipment, they are also not allowed in competition). You can bring your dog on a harness, head collar or wearing a collar with tags but these must be removed each time your dog is off lead. Please remember to bring poo bags, nice quality treats (liver cake is normally available too) and a favourite toy. You may wish to bring something to keep your dog entertained between turns. Examples could include stuffed and perhaps frozen Kongs, dog chews like bull’s pizzles and pigs ears, squeezy cheese in a tube for refilling interactive toys etc.

Flyball Equipment

You will need to bring your dog wearing a flat collar and lead with tags on it (these are required in competition). If can bring your dog on a harness all the better as this prevents them pulling on their necks as they can get very excited. Please remember to bring poo bags, nice quality treats (liver cake is normally available too) and a favourite tennis ball and tug toy.  Be aware that flyable can be very noisy and is very high energy!

All members of the family are welcome to come along , bringing friends is also fine. Please try and keep younger children around you and under your control at all times. The person handling the dog must be able to hold him or her even when extremely excited. 
The Address for Agility and/or Flyball at the Dog Barn is: Sussex County Dog Training, The Dog Barn, Park Farm, Hook Lane, Aldingbourne, PO20 3TL, – 2276 Access code for the Barrier
The Address for Agility at Wanley’s House is: Wanley’s House, Wandleys Lane, Eastergate, Nr Fontwell, PO20 3SE.  
Please feel free to give me a call to discuss this or any other details about our agility sessions. My number is 07958522732, my email is
You can book on the next course by contacting the office on 01243 697202 or by emailing Nina:

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