Obedience Classes

Adolescent and Adult Obedience Classes:

In our classes we follow the kennel club good citizen scheme but with an emphasis on socialisation and the skills needed for both dog and handler to enjoy training. You can work towards and take your Bronze, Silver and Gold Good Citizen Scheme awards with Sussex County Dog Training however if you prefer not to take tests but simply want a well behaved pet our Levels Training Scheme tracks your progress in classes and gives you something to aim for.
There are elements of traditional obedience i.e. sit, stay, down etc. Plus things that will be useful for everyday life i.e. recalls and recall away from distractions. Walking on a loose lead next to owner, greeting guests and normal dog training problems i.e. jumping up and attention seeking etc. We try to include some tricks to as they are fantastic for bond building and are also great fun! 
 We run 6 week courses which are £40 for the six classes and you pay for this at your first class. Classes are 45min long with 15min at the end for questions.
 If you come along will need to bring along: 
Your dog on collar and lead or harness and lead – any types are fine except check chains and extender leads both of which are not suitable for dog training. The best types tend to be just comfortable flat collars for them and comfortable soft leads for you. However please do not feel the need to rush out and purchase anything at this stage – we can advise you on what is best for you and your dog when we meet you. 
You will also need some yummy treats – we do sell “Liver Cake” the best training treat about but high quality treats such as meat or cheese are good, poor quality treats (shop brought treats like ’coachies’ or biscuits) are good for practicing at home where it is easier and where there are no big distractions, but not so good for class.
You will be using a lot of small food rewards so you will need to wear something that has easy access pockets so that the treats do not fall out or a training treat pouch designed for the job. 
If you would like to use a clicker to train your dog please also bring it along, the classes are not "clicker classes" so you don't need one. If you don't want to use a clicker we will teach you all about a really important word "yes"!  If you do want to use a clicker we love them and will happily teach you how to use one. 
Please do not feed your dog for up to 4 hours before class.
Please also bring a blanket or lightweight bed for your dog to settle on during the lesson and also a favourite toy/s.
All members of the family are welcome to come along and take part, bringing friends is also fine. Please try and keep younger children around you and under your control at all times but everyone is welcome to take part.
Find the application form for this course on the tab labelled Application Forms.

The Address for the Dog Barn is: Sussex County Dog Training, The Dog Barn, Park Farm, Hook Lane, Aldingbourne, PO20 3TL, – 2276 Access code for the Barrier
Please feel free to give me a call to discuss this or any other details about our classes. My number is 07958522732, my email is miranda@sussexcountydogtraining.co.uk.
You can contact the office to book a place on 01243 697202 or via Nina, her email is nina@sussexcountydogtraining.co.uk

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