Recall Course

Our intensive recall courses are run over six weeks and cost £60. They are a practical seminar style lessons where the whole process is covered from beginning to end and there is plenty of time for questions and answers as well as free resources to download or refer back to and the chance to have a go at everything! 
The address of the venue is: Sussex County Dog Training, The Dog Barn, Park Farm, Hook Lane, Aldingbourne, PO20 3TL, – 2276 Access code for the Barrier
You will need to bring a lot of very high quality treats – these must be very special to the dog and either real meat or cheese or liver/tuna cake quality treats. They should be chopped up quite small: half a small dice size or half a penny sized slices/lumps. These should not be anything the dog has had regularly at home or before, but you must be sure your dog LOVES them. If your dog is not currently motivated by food we will cover this on the course for you.
You will need a easy to access pocket, bum bag or treat pouch to keep your rewards in. If you have ever used a clicker and already own one you may bring it but this is not a clicker training course. Clickers are not a requirement, they are very much optional but encouraged if you have prior experience. You must also be dressed for any weather as this is both an indoor and outdoor training course. 
You will need your dogs most favourite of toys (even if these include an old sock, dustpan brush or similar non-traditional toy). Items which your dog goes crazy for and really enjoys playing with. If your dog is not currently motivated by toys we will cover this during the course for you. 
Your dog will also need to come on a well fitting normal collar and lead or harness and lead that they cannot slip out of. I f you do have a harness for your dog please bring this along even if you do not regularly use it – but if you do not have one do not rush out and get one we will have plenty to borrow to start with and we can make sure your dog is wearing the correct type then too. 
Your lead should not be the extending type. If you own a long line or similar very long lead, lunge rope etc please also pack that in to your training bag.  
This course is based around the concept that you will be able to practise at home and out and about between lessons. Without the training time invested when you are away from the centre you will see limited results. Try to book the course when you can attend all six lessons and you have the free time to train your dog between sessions, if you can do this you will see great improvements in your dogs behaviour. 
If after the course you still feel you would like ongoing support or a few more sessions there is the chance to book further lessons with us.  One to One training on recall is available before and after this time at a cost of £15 per half hour lesson.  
All members of the family are welcome to come along and take part, bringing friends is also fine. Please try and keep younger children around you and under your control at all times but everyone is welcome to take part.
Please do not feed your dog for up to 4 hours before class.

Find the application form for this course on the tab labelled Application Forms.  
The Address for the Dog Barn is: Sussex County Dog Training, The Dog Barn, Park Farm, Hook Lane, Aldingbourne, PO20 3TL, – 2276 Access code for the Barrier.

Please feel free to give me a call to discuss this or any other details about our classes. My number is 07958522732, my email is
You can contact the office to book a place on 01243 697202 or via Nina, her email is

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