Fearful Fido Classes

Fearful Fido Classes and Fearful Fido Agility Group
These classes are designed for dogs who are reactive on lead towards other dogs and in some cases people. Some may only struggle with normal busy classes, some participants are aggressive on and off lead, some are just aggressive when on the lead, some are dogs who worry and shake when dogs or people are close, others may try to bolt away from other dogs and people. As all these behaviours often have their roots in fear, these classes are designed to build confidence around the stimuli the dogs are worried by.
The goal of these classes is that you would never know that any of the dogs have their own issues and that dogs and handlers can take part in dog training which is enjoyable and stimulating without seeing fearful, noisy or aggressive behaviour. 
Dealing with challenging behaviour from your dog can be very isolating and leave you feeling like you are the only one out there with a difficult dog. This is definitely not the case and the fearful fido classes are designed to increase confidence in the handlers as well as in their dogs. Having a support network of people who understand and are dealing with the same thing is very comforting and we know you will pick up some very important skills and tips.
The goal of the classes is to lower how reactive your dog is to the things your dog is frightened of using purely positive methods. This makes the process as stress free as possible and in many cases very enjoyable too. There is a lot of emphasis on handler skills – knowing what to do when your dog reacts badly to something. We also cover changing how frightened and reactive your dog is by altering their emotional state – the root cause of the bad behaviour. We cover how to prevent your dog reacting by using different management techniques and how this also aids recovery.  We teach lots of management skills too, these will include brilliant obedience and alternative behaviours. We also have some fun doing some tricks and scent work. If you get the training bug you can go on to do Fearful Fido Agility! 
Class sizes are limited to a maximum of five dogs and their handlers. Where possible every dog and handler has their own training assistant to guide them through the process and support them. There is also the main class trainer and behaviourist explaining, teaching and coaching all the class participants every step of the way. Add in the support of your understanding class mates and the process is easy. The classes are designed so your dog does not react and our goal is a zero bark or bolt lesson, we achieve this 95% of the time - we are very experienced in this field so even if this doesn’t sound possible for you and your dog please get in touch.  
You will need to bring:
Your dog on a flat or nightingale collar and lead or harness and lead. A muzzle or/ and head collar are also ok – also if your dog wears a selection of the above that is fine. Extender leads, lupi harnesses , slip leads, pinch collars or check chains are not permitted.
You will also need LOTS of yummy treats – we do sell “Liver Cake” the best training treat about but high quality treats such as meat or cheese are good. You will be using a lot of small food rewards so you will need to wear something that has easy access pockets so that the treats do not fall out or a training treat pouch designed for the job. Please do not feed your dog for up to 4 hours before class.
You can also bring your dogs favourite toy too - this will be essential if you go on to do Fearful Fido Agility. 
You may wish to bring something to keep your dog entertained between turns. Examples could include stuffed and perhaps frozen Kongs, dog chews like bull’s puzzles, meaty bones and pigs ears, squeezy cheese in a tube for refilling interactive toys etc.
Please also bring a blanket or lightweight bed for your dog to settle on during the lesson.
Couples and family’s are welcome to train together with their dogs but these classes are not suitable to bring small children to. Older children and teenagers who have a keen interest and will help/listen to parents, guardians and trainers are very welcome.   
All applicants must be assessed via a one to one session before being accepted on to this course.  The lessons are one hour long and a term lasts six weeks. The cost of a Fearful Fido  six week term course is £60.
The address of the venue is: Sussex County Dog Training, The Dog Barn, Park Farm, Hook Lane, Aldingbourne, PO20 3TL, – 2276 Access code for the Barrier

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