Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Review - Kathy Sdao "Plenty in life is free"

Kathy Sdao has just launched a book and dvd called "Plenty in life is free" which is an alternative training model to rank/dominance based training models. In the book and dvd she talks about SMART training and how this can be a simple, effective training method.

What is SMART training?

Smart means SEE, MARK and REWARD training. Which means for all the behaviours you wish to reward and increase when you see them, mark them with a word or a click and reward them. This process will increase the behaviours happening more frequently. 

How to use this simple method?
1. Write a list of behaviours that you would like to see my frequently. e.g. dog lying in their bed, dog sitting, dog retrieving balls, 
2. Have some rewards ready, either on your person or at key places around the house.
3. When you see a behaviour you like say "yes" or "good" or click
4. Reward
5. carry on as normal until you see more behaviours you would like to reward and repeat steps 3 and 4.

Who can use this method?
Anyone with any dog. The more observant you are the more frequently the behaviours can be rewarded.

Can I use this method in class?
Yes, SEE, MARK and REWARD training, can be used anywhere, any time. If you are training your dog in class and they do the behaviour or a behaviour near what you would like than you can MARK the behaviour and REWARD. 

Review by Gemma Palmer 


  1. I am reading Plenty in Life is Free and enjoying it. I haven't watched the DVD though.. not sure I will, but maybe. It sounds interesting. I love Kathy Sdao, met her at the Clicker Expo in 2008 and had a great time.