Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Teaching Your Dog To Relax Properly

Relaxing or capturing calmness by Emily Larlham 
This video is a tutorial on how to teach your puppy or dog to be calm. 

It is excellent for teaching dogs to truly relax, teaching a down stay or stay on the bed does not teach the do to relax, it teaches them to stay still. Your dog can still be very tense, stresses or alert even if they are still. Emily uses another dog as a distraction, you can also use other things at a low level which tend to over excite or arouse your dog. Start at a low level of distraction and work up to higher levels as the dog relaxes more and more and as they understand the concept of "settle". 

This can work for dogs who chase shadows, are reactive to people and other dogs, are hyperactive, destructive, stressed or anxious. 

Some dogs need help to learn how to relax. Calmness does not come naturally to some breeds .By reinforcing your dog for being calm, your dog will start to choose calmer behaviors in the future and actually enjoy being calm.

Tips for teaching a Default Settle:
Don’t drop treats if the dog looks up at your hand as you move to give the dog the treat, instead try again later.
Don’t cue the dog “down”. It works better if the dog figures it out on his own and CHOOSES to lay down.
Use high value treats like real meat or cheese for such a wonderful behavior.
Miranda Sasse 

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