Sunday, 4 March 2012

Trouble Shooting Counter Conditioning

This video is from Emily Larlham.  Her site has many more great video's. I have chosen this one today as it trouble shoots problems that people have when using Counter Conditioning. When people tell me that their dog isn't responding to Counter Conditioning (the process of pairing something nice with the appearance of something they previously or currently find unpleasant or scary) I often have to find out why this is. This short video explains many of pitfalls that people will have. Including when the dog hasn't associated that the apperance of the "scary thing" triggers the rewards from the handler. When the dog is over aroused by the rewards, when the dog has incorrectly paired the rewards with the clicks or the marker work "yes".  If you are interested in seeing more of Emily's videos search "Kikopup" on You Tube. 

Happy Watching, Miranda xxx

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